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Knox Inspection Services, Inc.
1410 South Terrace Drive
[1 block west of 15th and Lewis]
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone: 918.744.8128
Fax: 918.744.5669
Toll Free: 800.875.5474

First Things A Buyer Should Know

Our property Inspections are designed to help you buy your next home in this market in northeastern Oklahoma.  We know, from 22 years in the Home Inspection business, the potential problems in Oklahoma homes.  We designed the Groups of Inspections to provide essential information about the unique feates of the home you want to buy.  The following topics will have an influence on your purchase and your future in the home.  Regardless of the number of homes you may have purchased, part of the buying process is learning enough so that you can ask the right questions.  The information contained on this web site and our "Handbook" may be overwhelming at first glance.  Just go slow and ask questions.  Remember, we have a real living, breathing human being anwering the phone to help you Monday thru Friday 8 am to
5:30 pm.  [After hours you will get the "machine".]  Evenings and weekends you may either leave a message at the office or send your questions via email to

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