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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the inspector belong to one or more Professional Inspection organizations?
Our inspectors belong to one or more of the following organizations; ASHI, ORCIA, they are Certified through
Environmental Assessment Association and other professional organizations.  We offer over 38 different inspections.
Some of the Inspections we offer are general in scope, and some are very specific in scope and purpose.  Therefore, not
every Inspection we offer fits the criteria for property Inspections as defined by each of the Professional organizations or
Licensing authorities to which we subscribe.  Each Inspection defines the scope and purpose in the first paragraph.
Does the inspector always provide written reports and a written agreement?
Professional Inspectors always work from a written agreement and provide written reports.  Anything less is not
within the ethics of a professional inspector or the Oklahoma Law.

Does the inspector take the time to explain things and ask the client to be present at the inspection?
Communication is a very important part of the inspection process.  We want the customer to be present at the
inspection .  This time with the customer is very important.  We will show the Buyer how to change the furnace filters,
where the sewer clean out is located, how to shut the water off in an emergency, and most important, answer question
that always come up during a thorough Property Inspection.

Does the inspector make repairs on the items listed in the inspection report?
Never!  To offer repair services is a conflict of interest.  Professional inspectors do not make repairs.

Does the inspector offer a free follow-up inspection on each inspection?
We offer this service because it eliminates the unpleasant surprise to our customer of "hidden costs"
because a Mortgage lender often requires a final Inspection by the Inspector to close a transaction.  The cost of a final
Inspection hidden from the Buyer until closing can be a sore spot for a Client.  Refer to Payment Policy

IF you have a question regarding Real Estate Inspections, please contact us!
Via Email:  AskTheInspector
By Phone: 918.744.8128 ask for John Knox

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