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The Home Buyers Secret List For A Successful Transaction!

The following information may save you thousands of dollars in time and expense.
Please give these items serious consideration and call us if you have questions about Real Estate Inspections!

1. Use only an Inspector or inspection company that is a member of a professional inspection trade association.  The Oklahoma Residential and Commercial Inspectors Association,  (ORCIA), is full of good professional inspectors.
2. Use a Realtor® and/or an attorney in the transaction.  The closing companies can be very helpful too.  The purchase of your home is too important to skimp.
3. Read the Seller's Disclosure Statement.  Do not accept vague or incomplete statements.  Ask for clarification and documentation to back up the statements.
4. Request the repairs be performed by a professional in the appropriate trade.  Ask for copies of the work invoices for comparison to the inspection report.
5. Attend the inspection(s), and please bring a notepad.  This is your best chance to learn about the "new" home.  Ask questions of our professionals (3 or more!) present there.
6. Please be aware of this fact.  Most problems that become known after closing were known to the Seller before the home was placed on the market.  Your seller may be a Saint!  However, when it comes to money some people do not always tell the whole truth.
7. Be sure to ask about the Inspection Agreement between you and the Inspector. The Inspection Agreement will provide clear rights and duties of both the Inspector and you the Home Buyer.  The reports will be delivered when the Agreement is in our office.
8. Please be sure all of the utilities services are "on" before doing the portion of the inspection that checks the respective items.  Get the most from your inspector.
9. Perform a Follow-up Inspection.  It is  part of a Professional Inspection that is intended to give you confidence and knowledge about your “new” home.
10. Ask the Inspector questions.  For example;  how to operate the air system and change the air filters?  Where is the sewer clean-out and main water shut-off ?
11. Never accept Inspection reports that are not written.  "Verbal Opinion Reports" are not offered by Professional Inspectors.  Verbal reports encourage litigation.
12. Shop around before selecting an Inspector.  Ask about prices, the qualifications of the Inspector, re-inspection fees,  payment policies, group savings, and 2nd inspections if the first house fails to close.   Ask Questions!

Knox Inspection Services, Inc. has helped thousands of Home buyers through the difficulties of buying a dependable home.  There is no perfect home.  However, a Home buyer should not be expected to suffer problems or conditions that may be detectable to a Professional Inspector.  We employ both Professional Engineers and Technical Inspectors for your property inspection needs.

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