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1410 South Terrace Drive
[1 block west of 15th and Lewis]
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone: 918.744.8128
Fax: 918.744.5669
Toll Free: 800.875.5474

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, personal check, Cashier check, and cash

The following payment polices are designed to help our Customers with expenditures associated with the purchase of a
home.  Please read this policy carefully and call our office, 918-744-8128, if you have any questions.  We will follow this
policy throughout the transaction.  Certain types of mortgages permit the inspection fees to be included in the mortgage
amount.  Check with your mortgage lender if you desire this opportunity.  As a result, some of our Customers do not have
any out-of-pocket expense for their inspections!  There is often a future income tax advantage when placing the costs of
the property inspections into the accumulated value of the home.

NO ADDITIONAL FEES will be incurred if the original inspection fee (and Follow-up Inspection fees (if any)) are paid in
full within 30 days of the original inspection appointment or at the closing of the transaction, depending upon which event comes first.  If full payment of the outstanding account is not received within 30 days of the original inspection a
$57.00 late fee will be charged to the Customerís account.  If closing of the transaction is more than 30 days from the
original inspection date, please contact our office to discuss payment of the account to avoid a late fee.  Any payment
refused by Credit Card authorization or by returned check, will incur a service fee of $32.00.  Only one discount is
eligible on any Individual Inspection or Group Inspection.   Discounts extended to the Customer as shown on the invoice
will be forfeited if the late fee or service fee is added to the Customerís account.

Follow-up Inspections may incur an additional service fee along with a written report.

FEES for Follow-up Inspections, multiple air systems, additional improvements and miscellaneous items;
  •    Technical Follow-up Inspection fee
  •    Crawl space
  •    Engineer Follow-up Inspection fee
  •    Mileage (out of service area)
  •    Additional  Air System
  •    DEQ records search (Septic System)
  •    Detached Structure
  •    Late Fee, over 30 days
  •    Detached Building for FES
  •    NSF Check, Credit Card Refusal $32.00
  •    Roof Ladder and extra man
  •    Consultation/Testimony per hour

  • PAYMENT IS DUE in full at the completion of the original inspection appointment.  Payment for the inspections can be
    made at any time from the initial contact with our company up to and including the day of closing without incurring a late
    fees if the closing date is not more than 30 days from the original inspection.  If the transaction fails to consummate or
    when one party defaults in the contract of sale, the inspection fee becomes immediately due and payable in full.  We will begin adding 1.5% monthly interest and applicable fees to any outstanding account older than 75 days from Inspection.

    PAYMENT BY VISA OR MASTERCARD are accepted at the choice of our Customer.  A paid receipt for the credit card transaction will be mailed to the address provided by the Client.

    IF you have any questions regarding payment of your account, please contact Toni or Rebecca at 918.744.8128
    OR by email at  or

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