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                                                               Pre-closing Home buyer's Checklist
By: John F. Knox

Prior to closing the sales transaction, (ideally on the day of settlement and prior to occupancy), the home buyer should return to the property and conduct a Pre-closing Inspection.  Check to determine if the property and all of the systems are in the same condition, (or repaired satisfactorily), as when you last visited the property. Use the Inspection Report and this general checklist .  Plan for about one hour to make this Inspection.  Knox Inspection Services Inc. provides a free follow-up Inspection to assist you with this "Checklist".  Please refer to the Payment Policy page for additional information.

  • Are the items to be left by seller present?
  • Do the lights come on at each switch?
  • Is there visible damage with the furniture gone?
  • Are all of the light fixtures and ceiling fans present?
  • If some repairs are not obvious, do you have work receipts?
  • Do the smoke detectors test functional?
  • Do the GFCI breakers test open/close properly?

  • Are there new larger cracks, or separations?
  • Have the repairs and painting been finished?
  • Are wooden decks and hand rails secure?

  • Are the appliance accessories present?
  • Do the appliances still operate satisfactorily?
  • Are the instructions/warranties left for the appliances?
  • Do the cabinets, countertops, or floors appear damaged?

  • Are the lowest portions dry?
  • Does the sump pump (if any) operate?
  • Are crawl space vents open for good ventilation?

  • Do the systems function when you operate the thermostat?
  • Are the air filters clean?
  • Any extra filters left?
  • Is there debris clogging the exterior air units?

  • * Do not operate air conditioner if ambient temperature is below 60º F, or heat pump on the heat mode if ambient
     temperature is above 60º F .  This is a manufacturers’ recommendation to prevent damage.
  • Any changes to the driveway, patio, or sidewalks?
  • Are the fences tight, and do the gates operate?
  • Reset the automatic sprinkler to minimum setting.

  • Do you see problems now that the stored items are gone?
  • Does anything seem loose or disconnected?
  • Is the ladder secure for you to carry items up to the attic?
  • Is there insulation blocking vents or over recessed lights?

  • Do the vehicle doors work smoothly and reverse?
  • Do you have the car door remote controls?
  • Do you see any damage with the personal items gone?

  • Do you see problems now that the furniture is gone?
  • Are the carpets stained in closets near the shower areas?
  • Are there broken or “fogged” windows or doors?
  • Check all hand rails to be sure they are secure.
  • Has the re-grading (if any), been accomplished?
  • Are the gutters aligned and cleaned of debris?
  • Do the downspouts direct water positively away?
  • Do the faucets and drains function satisfactorily?
  • Is there hot water at each appropriate location?
  • Do the toilets flush and cycle normally?
  • Check beneath each cabinet for leaks or moisture.
  • ROOF
  • Are there missing shingles since the last visit?
  • Have the roof repairs (if any), been performed?
  • Is the attic ventilation open and working if power?
  • Are the bushes and trees trimmed back and not touching?



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