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Pre-Inspection Checklist for the Inspection Customer


  1. Review the list of Inspection Groups or Individual Inspections.  If you have questions, please contact our office at 918-744-8128 to talk with a Representative from 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday to discuss your specific requirements and expectations.  Please read the first paragraph of the Summary of Inspection Groups if the choices look overwhelming.  The choice of inspection is easier than it first appears! You may also go to the Staff page for a selection of contacts via Email.
  2. Think about the age of the home; furnaces and Air conditioners wear out in 12-15 years.  Design of the home; a two-story or flat roof needs a roof inspection, air ducts in the floor need a Video Inspection.  History of the home; moisture or Structural disclosures?  Get and Engineering report! Is the home over 10 years old?  Get at least the Expanded Realtor® Contract Inspection Group.
  3. Carefully read and sign the Inspection Agreement to enable our staff to promptly issue the reports.  There are many ways to return the Inspection Agreement after you have had time to review and sign it. Some of the items in the Agreement are required to be acknowledged by the Customer.
  4. Have you completely read the Seller's Disclosure Statement?  If not, you should at the earliest opportunity.  If you received a Seller’s Disclaimer Statement, then “Buyer Beware”. Please bring either one, as applies, to the Inspection for the Inspector to review.
  5. Are all of the utilities, (Gas, Water, Electricity), functioning inside the home?  If you are not sure, ask your Realtor® or the Seller of the property.  We need all of the utilities to be “on” to do the best Inspection possible.  If the all utilities are not on at time of inspection there maybe an additional fee to have the Inspector return to finish the job.
  6. Has the Occupant been asked to move personal items away from the furnace closets, attic access, and the area around the entrance to the attic, hot water tank closets, electrical panels, crawl space access doors, and all of the windows?
  7. Have animals been restrained while persons unfamiliar to the animals are present ?
  8. If this Inspection is taking place during the winter months, has the property been De-Winterized, (water turned on, plumbing flushed, and heat left on)?
  9. Has the documentation on the Septic System, prior Foundation Piering, French drain, New Roof surface, past Insurance claims, Water Well potability, been provided to the inspector ?
  10. Please review The Complete Book of Residential Property Inspection Services.  We have a great deal of information to share with you before buying a home.

And most important, we want you, the Customer, to be at the inspection.  We want to show you how to change the air filters in the furnace, where the main water shut-off valve and the sewer clean-out, etc. are located.  Please ask questions which should give you confidence in your new home.

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