Knox Inspection Services, Inc.
Knox Inspection Services, Inc.
1410 South Terrace Drive
[1 block west of 15th and Lewis]
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone: 918.744.8128
Fax: 918.744.5669
Toll Free: 800.875.5474


Meet the Knox Inspection Services Team!

Full-time Engineering Staff:

Bruce A. Clark, P.E.  #19823
John Clark, P.E.  #11426


Mabry Taylor, P.E. Heath Forbes, P.E.
Doug D. Helt, P.E.


Technical Inspectors

Jack Ferrell #015 Randy Barnes #787 Bill May #402
Ronnie Ferguson #717


Office Staff

Toni Murphy
Customer Service Representative
Kim Hoback
Word Processing
John Knox
Rebecca Knox 
Accounting, System Operator, Web Master
Robert Knox
Human Resources
Howard Knox 

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