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Commercial Inspections

With 40 years of experience, Knox Inspections is here to provide you with a detailed report and excellent customer service when it comes to buying your next investment. Commercial properties vary in their design, use, and composition. Therefore, a commercial inspection is not a one size fits all.

Knox Inspection Services, Inc. is one of the few companies who specializes in Commercial inspections. When you contacts us to complete an inspection for a commercial property, we will provide you with a free, typed proposal sent directly to your email within 24 hours or by the next business day. Proposals include:

  • All of the inspection services necessary to evaluate the property.

  • Fees for each inspection.

  • Estimated time to perform the onsite inspections and generate reports.

Please note the proposal is only valid for 30 days. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your proposal, or to schedule your inspection.

What Determines My Commercial Inspection?


Knowing the location of the building helps us to determine what information is needed to provide the right inspection for you.  Knowing the location also helps us plan for distance. Depending on where the building(s) are located, there may be a small travel fee involved.

Square Footage

Most of the inspection cost is based on the square footage of the building. This would also include the number of levels. Having this information helps us better give an accurate quote.

Building Types/ Number of Buildings

Knowing how many buildings there are allows us to better be prepared to send one or multiple inspectors out at once.

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Needing a Commercial Inspection?

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