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What Types of Inspections do you offer?

We offer many types of residential and commercial inspections. Most of our inspections are handled in-house, although some of the more specialized inspections require specific equipment and is performed by licensed Vendors. 


What times are available to have an Inspector or Engineer come to inspect the home?

Our first inspection time of the day is 9:00 a.m. and will schedule inspections until sunset Monday - Saturday. Our first directive is to schedule the appointment when the customer can be present. 


How long does an inspection appointment usually last?

Time on-site generally depends on the size of the subject building and/or property. Condition and age can also be important factors. Generally expect a minimum of 1and 1/2  hour for each thousand square feet. Commercial jobs may need additional time. 


How long does it take to receive my inspection report?

We will have your report sent to you by the end of the next business day or sooner. Some jobs may require extra time and evaluation. Please note the Inspection Agreement must be signed and payment must be made before the report can be sent. 


Will the inspector walk on my roof in order to inspect it?

If the conditions are safe to walk on the roof surface, it is possible an inspector will walk on it to evaluate it. Slope, precipitation, type of shingles or height are all factors that could determine if an inspector will walk on the home's roof. If conditions are not suitable to walk on the roof surface, a drone and/or binoculars are used to make an accurate determination of the roof's surface.


The Inspector says it is too wet to enter the crawl space, now what?

The only answer is to let the ground dry out enough to lay plastic sheeting down to evaluate the crawl space condition. Wet crawl space is normally a deficiency that can harm the structure of the home and promote biological growth.


Do I have to set up multiple inspections for a house I am buying?

Knox Inspection Services has a great team of fully Licensed Inspectors and Engineers. Most homes (depending on age, location, and pre-existing conditions) will need a normal Home Inspection as well as a Structural Inspection. We are able to schedule both of those inspections for you at the same time. 


What if I want a re-inspection? Do I need a re-inspection?

Re-inspections are normally done when the mortgage lender requires them, or if there is a concern that will need to be reviewed after repairs have been made.

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Have More Questions?

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