Residential Inspections We Provide

Many of the inspections we provide for our customers depend upon the age, size and customers' specific concerns regarding the features of the home. Our prices are based upon the individual home, however most homes fall into a basic fee. To get a quote on your home inspection, please call our office at 918-744-8128, Monday through Friday form 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or after hours leave a message.

Oklahoma Home Inspection

A Specific Component Inspection that generally covers the Items in the Home Inspector Law. Add $50- 100 for detached garage $65 for each Combination Air System after the first. Follow up fee $95

Engineer's Structural Inspection

A complete visual examination of the structural components of the home including foundation, framing, and attic support system, performed by a licensed professional engineer. Specification for repairs, if necessary, are included with the report.

Subgrade Moisture Infiltration

Applies to water in sub-slab air ducts, crawl spaces, or basements and how to resolve the infiltration issues. Performed by a licensed professional engineer or inspector.


Performed by a licensed pest control company.

Fixtures, Equipment and Systems Inspection

Performed by a licensed home inspector.

Roof Surface Inspection

Performed by a licensed engineer or inspector.

Radon Gas Test

Follows the NEHA testing protocols.

Environmental Survey

Performed by a certified environmental inspector.

Mold Spore Analysis and Report

Performed by a certified environmental inspector or a certified mold inspector. Results are sent overnight to the laboratory. Swab tests or air tests following protocol are available.

Swimming Pool, Spa, and/or Hot Tub Inspection

Performed by an experienced inspector or licensed home inspector.

Privates Septic Sewer System

A standard "flood and dye" test by a certified environmental inspector or licensed home inspector.

Water Well and Equipment Inspection

Performed by a certified environmental inspector or licensed home inspector. Includes operation and inspection of the equipment and laboratory analysis of a water sample for Coli form bacteria

Winterization and De-Winterization

Performed by a licensed professional and is in compliance with municipal regulations.

Security System Inspection

Performed by a professional security analyst on existing built-in systems.

Video Examination of Subfloor Air Ducts, or Plumbing Waste Sewer Line

Each include a video recording and written report.

EIFS Inspection

Non-invasive test of moisture in walls and recommendations regarding installation and maintenance.

Manufactured Home

Performed by a Licensed Professional Engineer. Engineer provides certification and inspection. Inspection for Single or Double wide manufactured homes.

Maximum Information Inspection Group

This inspection is designed to meet the customer's individual requirements. May include special invasive procedures and research that are not normally included in an inspection.

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