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Residential Inspection List

Oklahoma Home Inspection - $399

A specific component inspection that generally includes the items in the Home Inspection Law.

Site Drainage and/or Sub-Grade Moisture Infiltration - $459

Performed by a licensed professional Engineer or Technical Inspector. Applies to water in sub-slab air ducts, site drainage, crawl spaces, and/or basements.

Roof Surface Inspection - $199

Performed by a licensed engineer or technical inspector with the use of a ladder and/or binoculars. A drone camera may be used, with an additional cost, for roofs that are steep, 2-story, wet, or tile or wood shingles.

Private Septic Sewer System - $219

Performed by a licensed home inspector. A "flood and dye" test and physical examination of visible components are used to determine function of Septic System.

Engineers Full Structural Inspection - $425

Performed by a licensed professional engineer. Inspects foundation, framing, and veneers. For Manufactured Home, please click here.

Fixtures, Equipment, and Systems Inspection - $289

Formerly known as an Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing inspection (EMP). Performed by a licensed technical inspector.

Wood Destroying Insects and/or Wood Destroying Organisms - $99 for one, $159 for both

Performed by a licensed pest control company.

Security System Inspection - $79

Performed by a licensed security company on existing built-in security systems. A proposal to install a security system is included if the property does not already have one installed.

Environmental Inspections

Radon Gas Test - $219

Following NEHA Testing Protocols, this test can be performed using by an Electronic Continuous Radon Monitor with same day results or Canisters with results in 48 hours.

Mold Spore Air and/or Physical Sampling and Report - $439

Performed by a Certified Environmental Inspector. Three (3) air samples and/or physical samples are sent overnight to the laboratory to identify any mold.

Other Inspections

Swimming Pool and/or Spa - $229

Performed by an experienced and licensed inspector. Inspection also includes observation of permanent equipment.

Water Well and Equipment Inspection - $529

Performed by a certified environmental inspector. Includes operation of equipment and laboratory analysis of a water sample. Water quality test includes Coliform bacteria, E.coli, Nitrate, Nitrite and Lead.

Winterization and De-Winterization - $159

Performed by a Licensed Inspector and in compliance with municipal regulations. Winterizing a unoccupied dwelling protects from plumbing damage due to freezing temperatures.

Video Examination of Plumbing Waste Sewer Line  - $349

A video recording of areas that are not directly visible. Includes the video recording and a written report.

EIFS Inspection - $249

A non-invasive test of moisture in walls and recommendations regarding repair and maintenance.

Maximum Information Inspection - $949

This inspection is designed to meet the customer's individual requirements and may include invasive procedures, research, and investigation that is not normally included with the typical inspections listed above.

Drone Camera Video Inspection 

Professionally flown to record areas of the property that are not accessible due to lack of access or safety issues. Drone may be used for the inspection of roof surfaces. Fee is based hourly. Photos and report are included.

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